DoubleClick Skittles Blog Hop – Share Your Design Space

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They say a messy desk is a sign of genius.. Naaahhh I just am very messy when I am crafting.. Just finished 3 Pocket Letters with Ramadan and Eid themes.  Have an order for 20 random assortment of cards and have only finished 5 of them. Ok so the reason for the embarrassing photos of my darling design space is because I am following a blog hop for DoubleClick Skittles.  I seriously need help in cleaning up and organizing.  Thank you for sharing my space..

6 thoughts on “DoubleClick Skittles Blog Hop – Share Your Design Space

  1. Love your fabulous space and I would love to come over to play sometime. I love the messy space to be honest with you. So fun! Thanks for joining us at DoubleClick Skittles – Kim Design Team

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