Iqra Eid Carnival

2015-09-18 23.32.19-2I was given the opportunity to be a vendor at the Iqra Eid Carnival on Oct 4th in King of Prussia, Pa. I want to be able to showcase my creations to a larger audience so what better way than to display them in person.  2015-09-19 00.05.19-32015-09-19 00.27.25-32015-09-19 00.39.14-3

I have been very busy making lots of cards.  Some I stamped, some embossed and some water colored.  I enjoy making home made cards because it brings smiles to the recipient.  This blog is just to display some of my latest work. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I enjoyed making each one.  Please leave a comment, if you are interested in how I made any one of these cards. Thank you for visiting my blog.  2015-09-19 00.46.08-32015-09-19 01.21.27-22015-09-20 21.35.222015-09-20 21.58.392015-09-20 21.58.462015-09-20 21.58.562015-09-20 21.59.032015-09-20 21.59.212015-09-20 23.36.452015-09-21 01.19.502015-09-22 11.49.552015-09-22 12.57.18-12015-09-22 13.50.582015-09-22 15.19.03

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  1. Miss Salima! These are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I must say I am partial to the Peacock Doily ones, but they are all very pretty! I wish you lots of luck on the 4th! BIG HUGS!

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