For a friend…….

Good evening.  I have been working diligently making cards for a friend and for Catherine Pooler’s January Friendship Challenge that I have not written a blog post in forever.  I am so sorry.  I will show you the highlights of the cards I have made.  If you have any questions on how a certain card was made, please post those here on my blog so I can give you a run down.  Please feel free to leave any type of comment. I love to read them all.  Here is the showcase.  20160115_204443-1_wm IMG_20160117_021338 2016-01-09 05.18.27 2016-01-09 05.15.24 2016-01-06 21.53.55 2016-01-06 20.46.08 2016-01-06 20.38.09 2016-01-06 20.37.33 2016-01-06 20.37.25 2016-01-05 21.32.36 edited_c9e163fa-b82e-48c5-923f-0827de7e7c1f 20160117_012630-1_wm 20160116_112640 20160116_101814-1 20160116_022809_wm 20160116_012241-1_wm - Copy 20160116_001153-1_wm 20160115_215504-1_wm

Hope you like them.  Thank you for visiting my blog.