I learned a new technique– ooops…..

As all of my followers know, I love to learn new techniques and then to share what I have learned.  Has anyone every thrown away an empty Wink of Stella pen.. WHAT??!! REALLY??!! Do you even know how expensive they are??!!  Of course you do, you bought it…. Well how about if I told you that you don’t have to throw them away any more? Yes you can make the Wink of Stella last.  One way is to just a little bit of water, shake it up a bit and yaay you have more Wink of Stella.  You can also add a little bit of WOW to your Wink of Stella.  I just happened to land on a YouTube video by Stampin Up demonstrator Frenchie that gave me a gorgeous solution to using my new Summer Solstice Re-Inkers from So Suzy Stamps.  I took my empty clear Wink of Stella pen and opened up the barrel and removed the little tube inside.  Added 10 drops of my Wild Watermelon Re-Inker and then topped it off with some rubbing alcohol.  Replaced the tube and shook up my pen a little.  Look at the shine on my card around the sentiment.  The sentiment which says Eid Mubarak from Altenew’s in Gina K’s Black Onyx ink.  Used my new Wink of Stella and colored the card stock on and around the sentiment.  For the background I used the Flower Flourish from So Suzy Stamps and the Wild Watermelon ink to make the background.  Used Altenew’s Henna Elements to add little accents with the Black Onyx ink.  The sentiment is then elevated using some black foam.  Just look at the finished product.  20160627_21252920160627_221138


I posted this for my So Suzy Summer Solstice Ink/Re-inker Challenge.  Please give me some love so that Suzy can see how much this card is awesome sauce.

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