New Year brings New Hope and New Love


As we end 2016 and begin in a New Journey for 2017, we start praying for renowned love, compassion and hope.  Praying that 2017 will bring more goodness in people’s hearts.  Praying that 2017 will bring more prosperity to people’s earnings. And praying that more compassion will surround every human.  On this note, I would like to give also. For every one who comments on this blog post, it will be 1 entry into a drawing for some special goodies.  Tell me what you are praying for in the New Year and how you plan to achieve this goal.  What are your special thoughts for this world for the upcoming year? What do you want to accomplish in 2017 that you never could in 2016?  Comment below for a chance to win something special from Moi.  And may you and all of your loved ones be surrounded by love and prosperity in the New Year to follow.  Love you all

11 thoughts on “New Year brings New Hope and New Love

  1. I’m praying for lots of things, but mainly how I can positively impact my world around me. So much of what is going on politically is overwhelming me at times, and I know that I can at least make a difference in my home and community. And, I also pray that I can encourage others more. Love your work, Salima. Fondly, Tami

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    1. My Prayers are with you Tami. You are a gem of a person and I am blessed to know you even though you are married to him!


  2. On a personal level, I am working hard on good health, and have been going to the gym every other day since June. Looking to make improvements by being more active and taking better care of myself.
    For everyone, I am praying for kindness towards one another.

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  3. Love it, Miss Salima! I am praying for time. Time to spend with my children, my husband, my parents. Time to spend enjoying life, to laugh and smile. To be able to spend a bit more time reading a book or just watching the wind in the trees. Time to go for long drives just because. Time to build friendships and appreciate those around me.

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